Physical Science Application Essay

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An inkling for my predisposition towards tasks involving intricate calculations, progressive analysis in fields of Physical Sciences and Mathematics can be traced back to my senior secondary days when I was rigorously preparing for the Joint Entrance Examinations for Engineering from 2010-2012. It is imperative to note that I draw immense inspiration from my father, an architect who indispensably enabled me to appreciate the concept of design and structure. A commendable academic record complements my research work. I secured a 10 CGPA in my Secondary Examination and was among the top 5 students of my school to have been selected for the CSIR program. In my Senior Secondary Examinations, I secured 88% (PCM-90.6%) and a 74.63 SPI in my …show more content…

The structural layout of the Engineering Physics enabled the amalgamation of Physics and Electronics based courses which inadvertently rendered a limited expatiation on electronics based disciplines. This potential setback however sufficed to precipitate my interest in Electronics. With the initiation of our Minor project in digital communications under the mentorship of Dr Rishu Chaujar, Assistant Professor at Engineering Physics Department, I realised that I harboured a penchant towards investigation, design and development of electronic circuits primarily suited for communication and high speed based applications and an abated inclination towards encoding, decrypting or estimating codes and patterns.
My proclivity towards circuit design and research is testified by my role of designing OFDM transmitters and receiver modules on NI-LABVIEW, designing convolutional and turbo encoders using Verilog on Xilinx ISE, executing simulations for these and estimating selected parameters for digital modulation schemes all of which formed an instrumental part of my Final BTech Project titled “Estimation of Parameters, Error Detection and Multi-Carrier Cooperative Device to Device(D2D) Communication in Cellular Networks” and for my Major and Minor Projects. It must be needlessly reiterated that in all these projects, an exhaustive comparison and precision based estimation has been demonstrated between methodologies employed in the project and research article

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