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In life not alot happens that matter in 5 year from the time it did. But when they are life changing times they are something to remember. They could be a small as getting your first pet to having your first heart break to buying your first house or car. They give you many different emotions when they do happen. There's never only one and a right one for each situation everyone is different and feelings will be different. For example one of the biggest life changing moments in my life would have been getting gracie. The morning it happened we got a call from her owners who we had previously sold herr to. They told us they were bring her back for a refund and to let us euthanize her. So of course my heart was broken almost shattered, how can a dog getting arthritis be a reason for her to be put down? It was a moment of despair, So being upset about hearing that I headed back to bed till Grace was going to arrive. The whole day was spent tossing and turning. I still couldn't understand how her having a small problem was reason to get her euthanized. Before she went to these people she was one of my favorite puppies. As 3 o'clock rolled around I knew she would be here in the next 15 minutes. When I got up I found my mom getting all the paperwork so we could get custody of Grace back. WIthin a few minutes I remember hearing a car pull up so I went to the front window and looked out it. That's the exact moment my heart dropped, their was this gorgeous dog who looked healthy as

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