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An Artist’s Work. Sandy Charles was a small five year old boy who loves being creative. He’d like to draw, paint, and color on almost anything that he could get ahold of. He has an older thirteen year old brother, Jeffrey, who didn’t really care much for his younger brother. Sandy wanted to be closer to his brother since his “mommy and daddy” aren’t home that often. Eventually Jeffery gives in one day and lets Sandy watch a movie with him, but only on one condition - it was a horror film. Sandy just happily agreed, wanting to spend some time with his brother. After seeing the movie, the kid developed a serious interest for these sorts of films. Very serious interest. This fascination eventually gave him his first best friend, a small …show more content…

Filled with pride, the thirst for blood only grew stronger and stronger. After about two months of more horror films and animal artworks, the two decided that they want to go on another adventure, after watching the horror movie Warlock. Sandy Charles, along with his young accomplice Mary Bell, decided it would be a joyous time to murder a seven-year-old boy they saw walking down the street. The Sandy stabbed and smothered his younger victim in the woods, only a few hundred yards from where he was staying with his grandmother. After stabbing him, Charles beat the boy with a rock and a beer bottle he found in the woods, then proceeded to cut strips of fat and skin from the boy’s body. He and Mary then took the body parts home, cooked, and ate them, confessing that they thought drinking boiled-down fat from a virgin would give them the power to fly - something they got from the horror film. A month later and joined by that same friend, Mary strangled a three-year-old boy in the same area as the first killing. She returned to the body and carved an “M” into the boy’s stomach, along with scratching his legs and mutilating his genitals,. Afterwards, she proceeded to slice the tip of her pointer finger off, drawing a small daisy, the carved “M” being the center. After all, all artists put their blood, sweat, and tears into their works. However, eventually all good times must come to an end. Mary Bell was convicted

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