Essay On Ancient Greek Women

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Traditionally, women in history have held the status of a second class citizen. In ancient Jewish society, a woman’s role was to raise the children and take care of the home and family. Sex was for the pleasure of the male only. Men were permitted to have multiple wives and women did not have the right to seek a divorce. In ancient Greek society, woman had only 2 roles, wife and mother. Women, at least those that were not hetaerae, were not educated beyond the knowledge necessary to maintain the household. Ancient Roman society saw a rise in the status of women. In this society the concept of bi-humanity, what was good for one sex was good for the other, was developed. Roman law, unlike the previous examples, allowed women to own property, hold elected offices and obtain a divorce if desired. Sex in ancient Roman times was not only for procreation, but also recreation. Sex was considered to be natural and to be enjoyed by both sexes. The rise of the Christian family led to the decline in the status of women. The early Christian family believe it was better to remain single and chaste, however if one could not control oneself then marriage was a necessity. Sex was for procreation only, period. Sex was not to be recreational, or enjoyed by either party. Early …show more content…

However, the during the course of the 20th century the status of women began to change. Early in the 20th century the status of women was still very low. By the middle of the 20th century and the advent of the Women’s Rights Movement, women began to see their status in society rise. Through the Women’s Rights Movement, women began to get equal rights both inside and outside the home. Women now had the right to make decisions regarding their sexual life, such as birth control and abortion, something that would have been unheard of in ancient

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