Essay On Becoming An American Culture

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Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't always easy, especially in a foreign setting. In my life, traveling has not only been a means of seeing new places, but gathering exposure to cultures that have led to a greater understanding of different and opposing beliefs that exist throughout the world. On my recent trip to Europe, I acquired knowledge of cultures that I could not even begin to comprehend had I not experienced it first hand. Experiencing circumstances on foreign grounds taught me that the area in which we live in can truly cultivate us into who we are and what we believe.

Europe has the greatest diversity of the western world, however common history, political evolution, as well as cultural divergences, have resulted in a common notion for European culture that contrasts with the United States. Being an American, stepping into these foreign grounds was not a walk in the park, it was more like taking training wheels off of a bike for the first time, a step process. …show more content…

As we were dawdling through the narrow streets of Rome I asked Sebastian, "Why is it that everyone is doing their own thing? Everyone is practically breaking the law." After explaining to me that Europeans are for the most part, quite liberal, my once bewildered mind began to understand the concept of how varying settings influence certain acts. As our conversation grew, so did my understanding. Now that I had more comprehension of Europe's liberals ways, I began to rejoice. This feeling was satisfying. More satisfying than anything I could ever imagine.

Hearing Sebastian's explanation not only cleared confusion, but opened my eyes and allowed for me to renounce my rigid views on European ways. Also helping me become more understanding and open to differing views on how things should be done. “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be

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