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I promise we weren’t text and driving. I had both phones in my lap while Regina drove. We were talking about the movie we had planned to see this coming weekend. That’s when I looked up and saw the truck starting to swerve. I told Regina to be careful and to just let it pass us since the roads where still slippery from the snow fall earlier that morning. I can't remember anything after that I'm sorry "I said to the police officer as she wrote down my statement. "Do you have any family I could call for you" she said. I didn't answer, I just shook my head dismissing her question. I hear this constant ringing in my ears. I cup both my ears trying to minimize the noise. The ringing continues to linger back and forth from one ear to the …show more content…

The only reason I’m not laying in Regina’s place right now is because I wore my seat belt and she didn’t. There for she went through the sunroof and onto the pavement. She’s lucky the cars didn’t physically run her over on the interstate. After the first check in, the Police officer comes back into my room hoping I have a little more to remember. “Hey Silvia, how are you feeling, remember anything else?” She said. I held my eye shut trying to block the ringing out hoping I can remember a little more detail. “The truck was brown, or black, or maybe ever blue. It was dark, it had swerved a couple times behind us trying to pass us on the Icey road. I felt the trucks front fender hit us as we caught a patch of black ice throwing us into the guardrail. The next thing I know I am being talked to by a lady in the ambulance telling me to stay calm.” I said. “Thank you so much, you’re doing great. I will check in with you in the morning, my condolences are with you and Regina” she said. The night falls and my eyes are quickly fading. After the long exhausting, few days’ a good night’s sleep is all I needed. Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Regina’s monitor started going off. I looked over at her. Her body is moving, but she isn’t waking up. What is going on? Nurse Nancy runs in with four other doctors. One pushing a crash cart. “Push on of Epi” one of the doctors said. “1, 2, 3 CLEAR” another doctor shouted. I watch as my best friend lays stone-cold

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