Peter Browning's Dilemmas At White Cap

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1. What are Browning’s dilemmas at White Cap? Explain

Peter Browning’s dilemmas are the urgency/necessity to change White Cap’s organization’s operations to become more competitive with actual markets and customer’s necessities but there are some organizational culture factors that would need to change in order to make White Cap a more proactive corporation. Some factors in particular are the seniority of some key manager positions (under his supervision) that represent the true identity of White Cap and the importance of their role in earlier years with the company, however their performance in those particular areas had led White Cap to their actual situation, also the company image at corporate levels was particularly ask to be …show more content…

About White, Peter should seek to negotiate in order to seek his support or endorsement to gain people’s trust and cooperation from all different managerial levels.

b) Stark.- Peter was asked by Stark’s boss to give him a change, Peter in order to be successful during this transitional change he needs to become a leader (Peter can lead by expertise knowledge and has the capability to lead by charisma) and in order to be a leader you need followers, if Peter supports Stark’s boss he will gain support in the sales department, however he will need to negotiate for Stark to work along this Marketing company and to learn everything possible from them, and to step up in his game.

c) Green. - Green represents a respectful HR manager for White Cap for many workers for working in keeping the identity of the company and his seniority with the company has to be considering as well. However his capabilities are not to the necessity company levels. A job performance analysis should be made with future specific company necessities, all this subjects should be address with him, provided additional training, and negotiate to work side by side with Brodnware HR manager and to learn from his experience.

4. How will your proposed actions affect the personal image and credibility of Browning?

Peter Browning has a good image and reputation, his credibility skills have been demonstrate over the years; Peter is a family

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