Essay On Changing Education

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Education in America has undergone a series of changes as shown by the global rankings where over half of the global top 100 universities are from the United States. There is also single and unequal scientific output of the tertiary institutions in the United States. Most of the Nobel scientific and laureate papers are produced by these organizations. Averagely, anyone in the United States benefits more if they own a diploma or degree as compared to those who do not possess any tertiary certificates. Nevertheless, there is a persistent rise in tension and anxiety over higher education in the region. A diploma or degree certification is commonly considered as the gateway to a good and high-paying job. However, a combination of increased …show more content…

In the past, women would not wear anything else other than dresses, hose, skirts, and high heels. Men, on the other hand, were expected to wear suits and ties to complement their looks. There was no room for pants and jeans for anyone. The dress code for women also applied to the female students except for the shoes. Onwards, the boys wouldn’t be allowed in school with outlandish haircuts, Mohawks or unshaved faces. This trend persisted until the early 1970s when it as replaced with simple dress codes characterized by outfits that make both students and teachers look dressier. In essence, today’s mode of dressing allows educators and students the freedom to wear whatever they deem fit so long as it presents them clearly and simply.
Another aspect that has changed in America’s education system is the variety of choice offered in the modern systems as compared to those offered in previous years. In recent times, students have to choose between charter and magnetic institutions. For example, many private schools have developed throughout the country to bring education closer to its citizens (Smith, 611). Higher education is the primary beneficiaries of the evolution process with self-guided institutions such as colleges, universities, and trade schools at the forefront of providing standard and technical knowledge to the students.
The last few decades have seen the emergence of accountability movements such as Common Core and No Child Left Behind

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