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The Top Speeds of Computer Networks In this paper, the topic of computer network speeds will be discussed. The overlaying question that will be addressed in this paper will be “How fast can computer networks operate at?” The various connection types of Ethernet, Fiber Optic, and wireless will be discussed as well as newer protocols, as well as more common 802.11 protocols used for wireless connectivity speeds. How the internet works and how every network is run will also be brought up throughout this paper. The structure of this paper will lay out what I already know about networks, what I want to know or what I want to learn, a research portion in which I found some information to suffice what I want to learn, the process of my search …show more content…

I had figured that it had not moved or deleted itself so I went back online to redownload the file. Once online and on the website in which the correct file was located, I had begun to search for the file again. After searching for nearly 30 seconds, the browser had suddenly closed and left me staring blankly at the desktop. About 5 seconds had passed and it mysteriously opened back up but this time on an unfamiliar webpage; 30 seconds passing again until I was back staring at the desktop for another 5 seconds. This process went on for around a minute before I had decided to restart the computer. Once the computer had restarted and everything was running as normal again, it was time to relaunch the browser and download the proper file. The browser launched with no problem at all and I was able to successfully navigate to the correct website once again and was able to begin searching. Once again, after so long of skimming the page for the file, the browser shut down without a notice and restarted, opening to the same unknown website as before. The next day my parents needed to use the computer and discovered the problem. Immediately they had known it was my fault and put me in charge of removing the virus. Without any clue as to how to remove malware from a computer, my first thought was to go to YouTube and search for a generic video of how to clean a computer of viruses. Cluelessly I followed the instructions of the video and opened critical file systems

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