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The subgroup that I’ve chosen for my ethnographic research is Concert Band. Concert Band is a large group of individuals that compose music for an audience, hold for special events, or even halftime at the super bowl. These individuals have a unique sound within them soft, loud, deep sound. With their individual instrument, they can compose a masterpiece; brass, woodwind, percussion they all make beautiful sounds. I’m interested in Concert Band because they are people that simply love to compose music with one another without knowing them on a personal level. Children are dedicated themselves to be part of a Concert Band that works in harmony, day in and out on perfecting their skills with their instrument. Today is their first time…show more content…
I have the wondering question for Concert Band also; Who began Concert Band? Who’s in charge? Where was the first performance? How is the relationship between the members? What’s a typical day for a concert band member? What is the hardest part being part of a concert band? What’s the culture within a Concert band with/ without initiation events? I want to get inside their heads and knows what makes them tick, what motivates them to do better, what are their points of views, their emotions are in play. I want to discover their way of life. My interest in Concert Band started back in the first year in middle school, the same time when my brother had joined Concert Band. Over the years I’ve noticed the small and large impact that concert band had done with my brother. I see the people that cross paths with my brother, either teachers or classmates in concert band; by that small event people would get me confused for my brother, “are you the one that plays the saxophone?” the line I had to adjust to my everyday life in middle school. My brother would practice three hours after school, every day because he had passion playing the saxophone. That’s the same passion I find myself playing my acoustic guitar, lost in our own world with no care in the world. I wonder if that’s what all musicians feel when playing their instrument with great passion. In my Ethnography research project, hopefully, finding the
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