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Cubes Essay For the cubes essay I had to watch a video over four companies. Those companies that I watched a cubes video over were MLB Network, ABC News Headquarters, The Huffington Post, and New York Magazines. All four of these firms all have one thing in common with each other. That trait that they all have in common is that there are all businesses devoted to spreading news to its audience. I picked these four because I thought working at a place that spreads news would be a good suit for me.However, even though all these businesses are devoted to spreading news they all spread different news in different ways. Out of those four cubes videos I watched the one job that I would want to work at the most is at MLB Network. One of the…show more content…
I could definitely see myself fitting into an environment like the one at MLB Network. Everything about this job all traces back to baseball. No matter what job that you do there, wether it be providing highlights, helping prepare shows, or providing statistics for the show. The other jobs I just don’t know if I could see myself fitting in enough. For example the job at ABC News just wouldn’t be the fit for me because it does not involve something that I am passionate about. Same as the Huffington Post it involves news and I just don’t know if that is the kind of environment for me. Same as the job at New York Magazines, writing is not my strong suite so I wouldn’t be that great working at a magazine place. The workplace that would foster the most creativity with me is the job at MLB Network. This is because sports are something that I am passionate and know a lot about. Any kind of work that involves something you enjoy you are more likely to get involved in. Not only that, the job here would make me more likely to foster creativity because I already know about the topic we are dealing with which is baseball. Some of the other jobs might also be good for fostering creativity are the jobs at ABC News, and at the Huffington Post. This is because both of those jobs involve news, and current events. I also enjoy keeping up with the

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