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Current Event: Week Four Once again, another conspiracy theorist, David Meade, claims the world is ending on September 23rd, 2017. Supposedly, Planet X will crash into the Earth and wipe out everything on this planet. Meade, a wealthy research scientist, who has three different books on “Planet X” made this claim about a week ago. The “end of the world” has happened six times already, based on the six people who have made this argument. Each time, they were all proved wrong and came up with an excuse as to why the world turned out perfectly fine. After the 23rd, Meade will be just another conspiracy theorist proven wrong. His claim was dismissed by NASA stating that “if Planet X were real… astronomers would have been tracking it for the …show more content…

However, a source from claims that the military budget for North Korea is $10 billion, while the United State’s budget is nearly $582.7 billion. That is nearly a $572.7 billion difference. Furthermore, within the month of September, China has ordered North Korean companies and joint ventures to close in exactly 120 days, due to the U.N. sanctions. The U.N has also banned North Korea’s cap fuel supplies and textile exports because of the six nuclear tests this month. Their decision was to ensure the safety of the citizens of North Korea and I believe it was the right decision. In my opinion, the continuous back and forth threats show that both leaders do not want to go to war, but their initial goal is to gain a certain reputation. For example, Trump stated that if “forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” (Onyanga-Omara). The use of the word “totally” reminds me of a teenager speaking to their friends, like “I’m totally going to the mall today”. I’m interested to know what the final outcome will be and hopefully, it won’t lead to a World War 3. We must hope that these threats are just for show, in order to scare North Korean citizens and American citizens. Current Event: Week Six At a country music festival in Las Vegas, thousands of people were enjoying the calm atmosphere, until a gunman fired into the crowd from the 32nd floor of his hotel room,

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