Essay On Domestic Violence In Sports

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The NFL is an American football league that is known to be male dominated. The league is known to disrespect females, because they hired a females, based on their looks and not their knowledge of football. Another way the NFL disrespect females is when the players abuse their spouse off the field, and the league does nothing to help the girlfriends or wives of the players. In addition, the players are not disciplined for their actions. The NFL should have a stricter policy for players who physically abuse their partners because their current policy shows that the NFL does not support the wellbeing of women. Since the NFL began there has been many domestic violence cases, but it was until Oj Simpson murdered his wife, Nicole Simpson, that the issue became aware to the public. In 1989, on New Year’s Day, police was called to OJ Simpson’s house. When police arrived, Nicole Simpson was running out of the bushes, bruised and scratched. According to reports, Oj and Nicole had a fight after a New Year's Eve party and Simpson had punched, kicked and pulled her hair, screaming "I'll kill you!" He also slapped her so hard, that a handprint was left on her neck. He was arrested and he was sentenced to two years probation and 120 hours of community service. Meanwhile, the NFL ignored the offense. …show more content…

Paul Tagliabue, the NFL commissioner during this era did not think that it was necessary for him to punish the players for crimes they commit off the field. This issue wasn’t considered important until Oj Simpson murdered his wife, Nicole Simpson on June 12, 1994. Even though Oj was retired from the NFL the time he committed the crime, being that he was a former NFL player, this problem with the players abusing their spouse gain more attention in the public. In order for the NFL to take action for domestic violence, it took a wife to be murdered by her

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