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Fuzzy system has been applied to various type of application or system. Fuzzy system is an approach of the computational intelligence use a collection of fuzzy functions and rules to reason about a data. Its use any Fuzzy Logic based system which use Fuzzy Logic as basic for knowledgeable representation using different forms of knowledge. The main function of fuzzy logic technology is it ability of propose an approximate solvent to an imprecisely formulated problem. Fuzzy Logic in other meaning can be said as a procedure paradigm that is based on how human was thinking. What can be said that fuzzy logic is closer to human reasoning than the classical logic. Where then it attempts to precisely formulate and exactly solve a mathematical …show more content…

First type of the control use as present cycle time to change the lights. Another type control, it combines present cycle time with proximity sensors which can activate a change in the cycle time or lights.
With fuzzy logic traffic control, it is an alternative to conventional traffic control which used for wider array of traffic structure at a point of intersection. The fuzzy logic controlled traffic light by use of a sensor that will be count cars rather of proximity sensors which be only indicate the present of cars. The controller by using the fuzzy logic it provides a density in the lanes and also allows a better assessment of changing traffic structure. As the traffic arrangement fluctuate, the fuzzy controller can change the signal light consequently.
In fuzzy traffic light control, there is two electromagnetic sensors placed on the road for each line. The first sensor located behind each traffic lights that count number of cars that passing through the traffic light, and the other one that located behind the first sensor that counts number of cars that coming through to the intersection D (based on figure 1) from the lights. The number of cars among the traffic lights is determined by the variance of reading between the two sensors. The fuzzy logic controller is responsible for monitoring the length of the green time according to the traffic …show more content…

There are plenty of the advantage in washing machine that use fuzzy logic such as performance, productivity, simplicity, and it is less cost. The sensors continually monitor varying conditions inside the machine and accordingly adjust operations for the best wash result. The example of brand that use fuzzy logic in their product in washing machine is from Samsung WA80K8S. 2.2.1 Features
a)The washing machine feature ‘OneTouch control’. It is equipped with energy saving features, that is consume less power and are worth paying extra for if the user washes full loads more than three times a week.
b)Practically dry straight from the washer. It will keep the clothes in pristine condition. It also will minimises the moisture content in clothes.
c)Rescue clothes from detergent residue. The washing machine will use gentle mist of water which helps dissolve detergents. 2.2.2 Capabilities
The washing machine can control the washing process such as the water intake, water temperature, wash time, rinse performance and spin speed. This optimise the life span of the washing

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