A Brief Note On The Pollution Control Programme

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1.1.1 Extra fuel consumption Due to traffic jam, extra fuel consumption is a big problem for a developing country like India. The government is buying this extra amount of fuel with hard cash. This is considered a national loss. 1.1.2 Vehicle operating cost Vehicle operating cost is directly proportionate to the traffic jam. A vehicle operator applies more breaks and accelerates again and again. So, the lifetime of vehicle parts and fuel consumption will be more in road jams. Traffic jam actually increases VOC. Figure 8: Mapping of congestion cost 1.2 Impact on pollution level According to the report on (Status of the vehicular pollution control programme in India) released in march 2010 by Central Pollution control Board, Ministry…show more content…
Residents following laws with the intention of development of town can reduce traffic jam in Samalkha town up to great extent. In order to provide training to drivers of motor vehicles, four Institutes of Driving Training and Traffic Research (IDTRs) are being established in the districts of the State such as Rohtak, Bahadurgarh, Bhiwani, Kaithal with a total budget of about 100 Crore Rupees, but few people’s approaching to these institutes in state. Table 2 shows charges for training in these institutes is quite low but still not many people coming to these institutions. Table 2: represents the charges in above mentioned institutes for drivers’ training. COURSE DURATION CHARGES IN RUPEES HMV/LMV- commercial 1 day 400 Hazardous 1 day 400 Hazardous 1 day 400 HMV/LMV-commercial 1 day 400 HMV/LMV 1 day 400 Conductor License 1 day 300 Badge-Training 1 day 300 Skill Test Half day 350 Competency test Half day 350 2.2 Strict traffic law implementation Most people think that traffic jam in Samalkha town can be reduced by restricting heavily loaded trucks. It can be done by implementing traffic law strictly. If each and every traffic policeman perform his duty then it will be easy to implement rules. 2.3 Increasing pedestrian facilities As per the survey results, most of the people like to travel on foot for shopping and other administrative works in Samalkha
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