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Title: Best gap wedge

With the short game accounting for more than 50% of shots you play in a round, improving your wedge play is the first step to shooting a lower score. The wedge is the most important aspect when playing golf. Acting as the goalkeepers of our game by saving us shots from both turf and sand, golf wedges come in various lofts, finishes, bounce and grinds to help us get closer to the pin from anywhere inside of 125 yards. Gap wedges range in loft from 50 to 55 degrees and are a compromise between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. A gap wedge is particularly critical to use today because the 5-degree difference in degrees between the SW and PW in the 1960s has now grown to exactly 10 degrees. This has made room for golf club companies to respond by inventing a new club to fill the "gap", and of course, encourage us to buy more products.

Recommended Products
New Cobra S2 Max Gap Wedge RH w/ R-Flex Graphite Shaft: The Cobra S2 Max Gap Wedge has a regular shaft flex and is made with graphite. You don’t have to swing much differently when using this wedge from the others. The graphite shaft is a bit lighter, so you need to shorten your backswing on pitch shots and focus on hitting through the ball on both pitches and chips. If you swing graphite-shafted irons, you should also use graphite wedges to maintain a consistent feel
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Using the precision accuracy of a laser, each face features four calibrated texture lines milled between each groove exactly to the conforming roughness limit. This more precise and constant surface roughness application optimizes ball-to-face friction and maximizes spin to the limits within the rules of golf.
Laser Milled Face — More precise and consistent surface roughness than possible methods. Optimal surface roughness to maximize
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