Essay On Gender Equality

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To claim nothing will ever change is an understandable statement. There is no denying the current oppression women face on a daily bases. However, if you reflect on the societal progress America has made to create gender equality, there is a glimmer of hope. To begin, throughout the 1900’s, America has passed many laws to decrease the disparity among gender. For example, the right to vote and the civil right act were key legislation for equivalence. It is also notable that it is now a norm for mothers to be a part of the workforce. In fact, today, only about 12 percent of American households consist of a husband who financially supports a wife and children, while the mother stays home (Wade 248). The equal pay act was another major gender equality progression. Although there is still a major gender pay gap, the gap is decreasing. Moreover, in 2017, 18 percent of federal officials are women. This is the highest it has ever been. The progression America has made for gender equality is conspicuous. A women’s life in 2017 is completely different than what it was like in the 1950’s. However, most people know or should realize men and women are inherently equal, especially because of our shared humanity. Other than a few biological difference and functions, men and women are the same. Though, our patriarchal society has put a lower status on women when compared to men. Because of our shared humanity, the prevalent disparities in our current society are unacceptable. Therefore,

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