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Outcome Measures
The goniometer measure was used to assess the range of motion during this study. The intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) for test-retest reliability of the shoulder is between .6 and .69. A previous study on the kinesiologic electromyographic have demonstrated that the interrater kappa coefficient for identification of muscles weakness without using a muscle test grade is between .62 to .69 for muscles of the rotator cuff. The interrater reliability for muscle stretch reflexes is around .73, with a specificity value ranging from .95 to .98 and sensitivity ranging from .03- .24. The interrater reliability for dermatomal sensory testing for C5 distribution around .67. The Spurling test for cervical radiculopathy had …show more content…

The case reports showed that the differential diagnosis of SSN is difficult because of the overlap in the clinical presentation to other shoulder pathologies and cervical spine. However, in these studies is shows that symptoms of cervical radiculopathy of impaired sensation, impaired muscle stretch reflexes, and myotomal weakness is usually more extensive than what would be seen in the SSN. However, dermatomal testing should be used with caution for differential diagnosis due to the close overlap between the C5 dermatome and the suprascapular nerve cutaneous that is seen in a small percentage of people. Reflexes testing of the biceps brachii and brachioradialis muscles may be abnormal in indiviuals with radiculopathy but not in SSN. Evidence from this study suggests that the drop arm test may be helpful in discriminating between full-thickness rotator cuff tear and SSN, due to the high specificity for full thickness rotator cuff tear. An MRI or electrophysiologic testing may be helpful to distinguish between full-thickness rotator cuff tear, and SSN. Patients who may have an injury to the suprascapular nerve, weakness or atrophy of infraspinatus muscle with or without the involvement of the supraspinatus muscle, and posterior shoulder pain are the key factors to consider for the differential diagnosis of SNN. Disorders such as C5-C6 radiculopathy, upper trunk brachial

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