Essay On Grendel And Beowulf

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In the novel Grendel and the epic poem Beowulf the reader receives a better experience through a first person point of view. In John Gardner's Grendel which is written in first person the reader is constantly engaged. The authors use of first person provides the reader of Grendel’s thoughts and emotion. While, in the epic poem Beowulf which is written in 3rd person does not give the reader any personal connection.
By using first person we have more insight on the characters inner emotions and the reader gains justification of why the characters act in a specific way. Beowulf thirteen fearless followers venture onto geatland. “ It was a paved track a path that kept them in marching order their male shirts glinted hard and hand-linked the high gloss iron of their Armour rang” this quote from the epic poem Beowulf just describes what is happening it's boring, we also don't get any insight on his thoughts feelings and emotions. However, in Grendel when he met Beowulf for the first time we knew exactly what he was thinking, “I am suddenly annoyed no longer amused by his stupidity” Grendel was getting along with Beowulf somewhat but after talking to him for a little bit Grendel was getting annoyed. First person is a lot better because it gives the reader thoughts and emotions that third person can not provide.

The use of third person adds enormous amounts of unimportant detail which makes the reader lose interest. Third person makes the story boring when Grendel and Beowulf

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