Essay On Gun Control

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Gun control is not an effective way to reduce crime in the United States or anywhere. Crime isn’t something you can reduce by controlling the weapons used. A person would have to change their biology and environment or pay him enough to sustain his/her family. If you were to restrict guns then you would just get a lot more people killed because if you own a gun and the robber knows it than he is a lot less likely to come and rob as i said before gun control is not an effective way to reduce crime. So let's say that you successfully managed to get all of the guns in the us then you would be in a safer place. If you think this than you are a very stupid person. If you took all of the guns from citizens then there wouldn't be any way for the victims to defend themselves from a burglar with a gun. How did the burglar get the gun you ask, well there is this thing called the black market which you can buy anything on including guns and other things. And after they get their guns and they know this then they will be able to get whatever they want from their victims. they will have the weapon and not be scared of getting shot by the victim. And if this happened then the crime rate would go up and we (U.S citizens) would become one of the most unruly places in the world. If you haven't noticed it says in the U.S constitution that we the people have the rights to bear arms and that the government cannot take that right away from us. If they do than we will be no better than

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