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(ADD ACTUAL INTRO) With its wicked but witty dialogue, strong characters, and symbolic costume designs, it is no wonder why Heathers has gone down in history as one of the greatest cult classics ever made. Heathers is the story of Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder), a former geek trapped in Westerberg High School’s most elite clique: The Heathers. This triad consists of Heather MacNamara, Heather Duke, and their iron-fisted leader Heather Chandler (Kim Walker). Desperate to escape the tyrannical reign of Heather Chandler, Veronica befriends the mysterious new student, Jason Dean (Christian Slader) or “JD” for short. However, in a shocking turn of events, the duo accidently poison and murder Heather Chandler, inciting a series of twisted and convoluted …show more content…

He turns a blind eye to Heather Chandler’s suicide and only after more death does he begin to accept there is a problem. The yearbook staff also show this manipulation by using her death as a way to promote their own yearbook. After making a tribute to the fallen queen of Westerberg, complete with her suicide note and all, the yearbook staff seems well-intentioned but completely manipulative of the tragedy. Even the preacher at Chandler’s funeral takes the opportunity to steer the youth towards his church! These selfish actions resonate with a myriad of viewers, perhaps making it a major factor in its popularity today. In all truth, the only character that audiences do not have a reason to hate is Martha Dunstock (ACTRESS), a mere victim of the Heathers’ cruelty. From the very beginning of the movie, Martha is seen as a victim of bullying when the Heathers convince Veronica to forge a note from her crush confessing his love for the pariah. Martha is repetitively put in these kinds of horrible situations as a statement about what high school really is like. For some people, high school is anything but the light-hearted teenage

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