Essay On Hook Up Culture

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Hookup culture is a topic that is widely discussed throughout the media. In the peer reviewed article I am going to discuss, it talks about what is expected behavior during a hookup, the forces that influence hookup culture, and even looks at a biopsychosocial view of “casual sex” among the emerging adults of today’s culture. This paper will also include articles about hookup culture from popular sources such as “Vogue”, and “Everyday Feminism” that provide alternative perspectives. The peer reviewed article was titled “Sex Hookup Culture: A Review”. One of the first topics discussed in this research pertained to the cultural shifts in dating. This explains that during the early 1900’s it was shown that depictions of erotic life in film was …show more content…

More modern ideas about hookups encourage sexual behavior, which includes sex before marriage, and other forms of uncommitted sex. This is shown through many forms of media including books, magazines, and television. There were many different movies made such as “Hooking up”, and “No Strings Attached” that encourage the idea of uncommitted sex. The article begins to look at things such as sexual scripts and uncommitted sex. This explains that for men, sex is critical for their male identity, and they prefer sex with no relation, whereas women are sexually objectified and are the ultimate deciders of whether or not sex is going to occur. In the popular media, the images of sex are becoming more centered around sexual pleasure instead of focusing on the reproductive motive. However there are some gender scripts as well which may contribute to the confusion and expectations of hookups. In casual sexual encounters, there seems to be some deviations in the scripts in relation to casualness and emotional investment in the sexual partners. Men described sexual encounters as being friends with benefits, and that it was nonrelational, but when being interviewed, men mentioned alternative definitions that seemed to relate more to potential romantic relationships and emotional

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