Essay On How To Deal With Wicked Problems

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The very strategies our communities are using to deal with wicked problems is realizing that there is a problem and having the will to change it. Even if we aren’t successful at tackling all the components to the problem, at least we tried and is somewhat getting closer to possibly fixing it. A strategy that I know our communities are using to deal with wicked problems and complex social issues and health concerns are tackling the issues at the core or framing the challenge. For example, in my engagement team, to really understand the problem itself, we looked at the problems on an individual level and go outward to the global level. Becoming more educated about the population we were working with, understanding their backgrounds, the choices that they have to make, and how the system can go up against them can further help us on where the problem may lie. The disadvantages come from how powerless we can be as well. Hawthorne and we can only do so much…show more content…
Hawthorne Education Center has offered lots of different programs to students from various diverse backgrounds from Rochester community. Obtaining a GED is harder than it looks, without Hawthorne, the chance of students getting their GED would have been a challenge with no preparatory or help. While at Hawthorne, I met students who were in the process of getting their GED, students in the ESL (English as a Second Language) program, and parents who were participating in the Early Childhood Development program. The Childhood Development Program, was a program that provided schooling to parents with children (who were not old enough yet to attend kindergarten). Through the Early Childhood Development, it gave parents a chance to get an education and not having to worry about their children. As their children were getting an exposure to school and English at Hawthorne as
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