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Maine and New Hampshire’s highways are a valuable resource that needs to be protected. Sadly, these beautiful roads are being constantly damaged by weather and traffic. These highways will benefit from a comprehensive plan for both the near and long terms. This may include new bridges and overpasses. However, this may put a large strain on MDOT and NHDOT finances. It used to be that US 1 was a highway in and of itself. Eventually I-95 was built in Portsmouth and US 1 ended up in the trash heap. Now it is an afterthought. More traffic could be reouted to the highway if it was improved. Traffic volumes on the highway are very high. Additional capacity should be added to relieve traffic issues. This may mean widening as well as new construction …show more content…

This is a very important part of designing for this complex issue. I-95 is the major thoroughfare through Portsmouth and is the most important highway in the region. NH 16 is the secondary highway and US 1 is a ghost town. It may make sense to reroute US 1 onto I-95. Careful consideration is required for this option. Also, new hampshire has numerous transportation services including strong bus service as well as train service to boston and brunswick. One solution to the problem would be adding auxiliary lanes, where there are lanes between exits. However, it would be expensive, but not as much as a full widening. Another option is a VMS messaging system which would not cost very much. I am recommending both because of the seriousness of the problem. Another thing that could be done is signage replacement, which may be needed on the bypass, but not in other areas. This is because because it has not been replaced since the 1950s. Recently there was a massive traffic jam stretching across New Hampshire. If this could be caused by one single accident, what could happen with a major 20 car pileup? This is why a major widening is needed. However, this will cost many millions of

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