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Several studies around the world studied the benefits and efficacy of artificial pancreas insulin delivery system which is also referred to as a closed loop control system. In research studies, these terms are used interchangeably and apply to the same glucose control system. In the most research trials, comparison between artificial pancreas system and sensor-augmented insulin pump therapy was made in reference to efficacy of one system versus another to achieve tighter glycemic control and the ability to reduce the occurrence of hypoglycemia episodes (Brown, et al., 2015; Hovorka et al., 2014; Kovatchev et al., 2014; Kropff et al., 2015; Leelarathna et al., 2014; Nimri et al., 2014; Phillip et al., 2013; Tauschmann et al., 2016). These …show more content…

In contrast, a year earlier, Hovorka et al. (2014) conducted a crossover research study with similar hypothesis, however this study was three weeks in duration with prolonged evaluation of a closed loop control system under free living conditions. In addition, Brown et al. (2015) and Hovorka et al. (2014) studies recruited different populations of type 1 diabetes mellitus patients. Brown et al. (2015) conducted the study with patients 21-65 years of age, where Hovorka et al. (2014) researched the benefits of CLC in adolescence, ages 12-18 years. Hovorka et al. (2014) performed the research with 16 type 1 diabetic patients, which were recruited from Pediatric Diabetes Clinics at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, U.K and University College Hospital, London, U.K. Similarly to Hovorka et al (2014), Phillip et al. (2013) and Touschmann et al. (2016) recruited adolescents when conducting their studies. In both cases, adolescents ages 10-18 years, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes underwent randomized crossover design contrasting closed loop control and sensor augmented insulin pump therapy (Phillip et al., 2013; Touschmann et al., 2016). These studies were conducted in free living conditions where all participants had no restriction in food and sporting activities. In other words, participants were able to adhere to a routine daily schedule and were closely supervised by the researchers at the time of study when standard hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia treatment

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