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compensated for the injury if the government has a good civil service economy. “In 2005, there was 864 casualties and 133 had severe burns. Enders calculated on average a person gets .26% for burns globally. Using a formula of “$5000*133*.26 and using a 5% discount rate and if the average burn victim would live to 62 years. The loss in 2005 estimated to be $2,681,700. Repeating this type of calculation for each type of disability, yielded a total of $21,622,000. Adding the loss of life to the cost of casualties yields a total of $65,093,083. This amount is only for a single year. If terrorist attacks would become a regular event in Russia it would be a huge economic burden that it would have to pay for years. When ISIS became a threat …show more content…

The loss of resources also sent Russia into an economic decline. When Ukraine became an independent country, it refused to let Russia to use the Military port at Sevastopol, which was the home of the Black Sea fleet for more than two centuries. In Georgia Russia lost an airbase called Bombura, which was the largest in the Caucasus. “Russia has worked very hard in recent years to demonstrate that it is a global power” (Oliker Olga 2015). This can be seen in Russia’s bold annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Georiga. Russia also sees itself the balance of power to counter the United States. When the civil war in Syria broke out Russia intervened in 2015 to help Assad and to protect its only naval port to the Mediterranean and its only remaining military base from the Soviet Union days. In 1970 Syria’s major naval base of “Tartus became a major port servicing warship of the Soviet Union’s Fifth Mediterranean squadron” (Peck 2017). When the Soviet Union collapsed the port of Tartus became less used. With the loss of the black fleet port in Sevastopol Putin is now focused on finding a new warm water port. In 2015 Russia assisted Assad in military and economic support. Because of this support Russia made an agreement with Assad for a “forty-nine-year agreement for Russia to use the naval port of Tartus” (Peck 2017).
Under this agreement Russia will be able to increase the maximum number of

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