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The moral development of Jem To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee shows us how Jem changed his perspective and matured throughout the novel in his understanding of other people. Jem is 10 years old who lives with his father, Atticus and his little sister Scout. Although the novel is narrated by Scout the reader can see the perspective of how Jem matures. They are both put in situations that make Jem question his way of thinking. The people around Jem influenced him on how to gain a greater understanding of the world around him. At the beginning of the novel Jem is still trying to figure out his mentality and has a lot of moods because he is growing up.
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By the middle of the novel Jem changes his perspective towards Boo Radley because he started to think beyond the rumors that people would say. According to the novel, it states “ when I went back, they were folded across the they were expecting me” (page 58). This explains that Jem thinks that Boo Radley isn't dangerous at all so he feels he is misunderstood because there was no proof. Jem realizes that a person is more than the sum of his parts. He feels sad for Boo Radley because everybody thinks that he is dangerous man when he is not.
Jem is embarrassed of his dad Atticus because he is older than all the other dads. Jem's dad really can't play or do anything because he isn't as young as he was, he thinks that with his dad not being able to do anything he sees him boring and because he is nearly in his fifties. During the novel Jem changes his perspective towards Atticus when he kills a rabid dog and he found out that he was once a one shot Finch. Jem felt amazed at what his father could do with just one shot so he started to think of him like the cool dad and since then Jem admires him on what he does.
Towards the ending as Jem saw everything that the town was saying about his father for defending a black person. Jem got his guard up and defended and supported his dad. Well the trail was going on Jem was sure that the jury was going to plead Tom Robinson as not

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