Essay On Kink In America

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When you say the pledge of allegiance, do you think to yourself “God bless America, the country steeped with the brave.” Then, you watch the news. You see African Americans fighting racist police in the streets, gay people wanting to commit suicide because homophobic octogenarians from a different era are spitting at them that they are “abominations, untrue to God’s way and they will burn in hell for their sins.” Giant corporations controlling our media, the papers, the radio, the internet, even some politicians, having them tell us what the large corporations want us to hear. Over sea factories with unsafe, low cost labor, using the poor to make the phones we all have in our pockets. This, otherwise, outstanding country has some kinks in its armor and the biggest of the kinks are discrimination, mind controlling corporations, and oversea slaves in factories. Our generation could be the generation to refabricate this…show more content…
This kink is named oversea factories with horrible working conditions. A factory in Suquian, China, owned by Apple, was found to have “serious health and safety, environmental, and human rights violations.” Articles rarely tell you the specific violations are, but you can probably add them up for yourself. Health violations can include dangerous machinery, not supplying proper safety gear for the workers, and more. Environmental conditions could be considered black mold, something wrong with the factory ventilation systems, or sewage dumping near the factory. Last, but not least to address in this case, is human rights violations and those can go on forever. A few of them are basic slaves, unequipped, and being made to work exceedingly long and unnecessary hours. This means that the iPhones in your pockets were made by other human beings who were being underpaid or not paid at all, working with dangerous machinery, and unsafe
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