Essay On Limiting Immigration

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The U.S is letting too many people immigrate and enter our country. If we keep letting other people enter the country then what will we have left. The more people, the less space. If we had no laws, then how would we be able to control the amount of immigrants that are entering our country. There has been millions of immigrants who have immigrated into our country without permission. There are many pieces of evidence that backs this point up. With some recent terror attacks it goes to show that we really need to limit the immigration. Terrorism is a big factor in why we should limit the immigration for the the United States.

A big key piece of evidence to back up that we need to limit immigration is the fear of terrorism. There have been too many terrorist attacks in this country. Injuries and deaths occurring at almost every single one of these. Some of the most recent attacks are the San Bernardino attack and the attack at a nightclub which killed/injured over 100 people in Orlando, Florida. These attacks were a problem from immigration, terrorists were able to make there way into the U.S and commit these crimes. If we figure out a way to limit immigration, then problems like these will not happen.

Another piece of evidence of why we need to limit immigration is that it would take too much
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A supporting piece of evidence to this point is, “ Nearly half of agricultural workers, 17 percent of construction workers, and 12 percent of food preparation workers nationwide lacking legal immigration status. But business owners — from farmers to hotel chain owners — benefit from reliable and skilled laborers, and a legalization program would ensure that they have them.” This is saying how people who own a business need to be legally owning the workers. If they don’t then it is breaking the law and they could get in trouble for
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