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For the hospitality industry marketing is an essential part of operations that adds value to the basics of accommodation, food and beverages and turns them into desirable products for the customers with the use of good service and excellent presentation (Wearne and Morrison, 1996). The opportunities of online marketing are immeasurable, that is why hospitality industry relies on it to support the customer relationship management (CRM). Goldenberg (2008) defines CRM as an approach that consolidates people, process and technology to enhance the relationship with the customer. Also, writer notes that Internet plays a crucial role in providing consistent coordination of all customer-facing operations. Therefore, all hospitality companies are investing …show more content…

Nowadays, Marriott along with other industry leaders, is increasing its market share at the cost of smaller hotel chains and independent operators, thus creating a competition and emphasizing marketing (Reid and Bojanic, 2010). In 2016 it has merged with Starwood Hotel & Resorts and become the world’s largest hotel company with more than 5700 properties and 1.1 million rooms, additionally it officially changed the name to Marriott International (Marriott, 2017). The company takes a stable place in the European market, however recently it announced the aim to become a leading organization in the European upscale segment by 2020 (Anonymous, 2017). Nevertheless, the hotel group has also admitted that European market creates certain issues, due to the big competition, as it presents only 2,2% of all branded hotels (ibid, 2017). Thus, Marriott’s international marketing team has to implement and create new online marketing strategies for sustaining relationship with its’ customers and advertising the expansion of the …show more content…

More specifically, this research will define the most desirable online marketing schemes of Marriott International within its European market.

1. Through secondary research critically evaluate whether CRM has a direct impact on online marketing strategies.
2. To conduct primary research to assess which marketing strategies are most relevant for CRM

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