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From my perspective, the mind always seemed like a complicated and intricate puzzle. It was a puzzle that I had no desire to evaluate or even begin to learn more about. It was something that I had just accepted because I believed it was above my understanding and much too complex. However, I never thought to look at just one small piece of the puzzle. If I could just focus on one little section, maybe I could increase my overall knowledge of the mind. By reading the book, Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, I was given the opportunity to be able to specialize on one very crucial part of our mind. A part that deals with how we view ourselves and others, our communication, and the reasoning behind our actions. This is called our mindset. While reading…show more content…
Once the distinction was made, I was quickly trying to see which category I fell under. However, as I continued to read the experiences of others, I found that I had parts of both mindsets. Also, I found that I have different mindsets for different parts of my life. Personally, I think when it comes to school I have a more fixed type of mindset. My grades are high, but I find myself guilty of often preparing more for the test than actually learning and understanding the material. I often value my grades more than truly becoming a better student from a class. I have avoided certain classes that interested me because they could have possibly brought down my grade point average. For example, I enjoyed the challenges of Advanced Physics, but I did not take the AP course because I did not want to receive a grade that could hurt my class ranking or GPA. Having a fixed mindset with my schooling has limited me and lowered my overall education. However, I do have a growth mindset for many parts of my life as I never give up easily, I am always ready to put in effort, and I know how to accept criticism to make me a better person. Cheerleading is what really taught me growth mindset traits, and these traits eventually found themselves into all parts of my life. By being aware of the mindsets, I can now be more conscious of always having a growth
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