Definition Essay: What Is A Mindset?

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Motivation is based on the will to continue and achieve some means to an end. Whether it would be to wake up in the morning or to finish a doctorate in medical biology, motivation does exist. It exists for all of us and here is the response I can give for ‘what are my motivations.’
But before addressing the idea of motivation, the idea of mindset must be established. a person with a fixed mindset or unmotivated personality will find themselves less motivated and unable to grow as a result. They will seek the baseline evaluations and only wish to go as far as they will be praised for. Neither side looks to the future or challenges the impossible and in the end they end up with almost nothing in comparison to another person with a better adapted personality and mindset. For example, my mindset is growth but with ripples of fixed usually resting in areas of gaming or art. This is because in those two areas my mindset for improvement is unneeded because my muscle memory corrects itself over time and, for art, I seek praise only because I personally feel that my art is perfect in my own world. However, this is only my mindset outside of college and varies greatly from my working mindset.
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College is certainly a trial of will for most individuals which is why there is some reason why every student is here. For me personally it is both the idea of gaining knowledge and delivering a better future for my loved ones currently and in the future. To seek knowledge for myself is more of a grasp at power and control. For example, a person who understands engineering has more power in the field of electricity than someone who barely knows the difference between the different types of wire. This power that I seek will allow me to both protect those from the law as well as snap the rat trap that criminals narrowly avoid each and every day. So this with the desire for a better life for those close to me motivates my college

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