Essay On My Writing Process

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My best piece of writing for this class would be the annotated bibliography because there was a structure that I was supposed to follow, so I was more confident since I knew what to write. My writing process didn’t change much because I would write the topic sentence or a brief sentence of what I knew I wanted to talk about in a paragraph, then went back to discuss my ideas after writing down some other topic sentences. However, I did change how I edit my papers. I used to go back and edit everything on the final draft, but this time around, after every draft, I would try my best to edit at least one or two things within a paragraph.
When I started out, my thesis was really broad so it was hard to narrow it down the specific one I have currently. However, after reading over my sources and doing further research, I had a better idea of what I wanted to say because the information I went through supported my initial research question, but also expanded on the topic by giving more detailed information and examples. The research also helped be develop my subclaims, reasons and analysis. Also, the workshops and conferences helped narrow my thesis even more because I other opinions on correcting it. …show more content…

I did, however, get better with the quoting and analysis ratio, as I’ve learned to analyze more than summarize. As a critical reader, I have developed much more as I tend to focus on the introduction, thesis, topic sentences, transition sentences, and conclusions. The first time I read my peers’ papers, I read everything, but the second time around I focus on those parts so I have a better view of what they’re talking about and can give them more feedback on their arguments rather than just

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