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Based on research that has shown that academic decline can occur during middle school, and based on teacher observations and report cards, a needs assessment was conducted with the seventh grade students at Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science (Akos & Kurz, 2016; Dhuey, 2013). Based on the data, classroom guidance lessons that support self- and time-management, organization, test taking and homework strategies, and study skills were implemented with sixth grade students to support their academic success as they transition to seventh grade. This paper evaluates the process of collecting pre- and post-intervention data and provides a table and narrative of the data in order to interpret and evaluate the information. It also discusses the …show more content…

The average student response was determined and the percent of change was determined for each question to identify growth (Young & Kaffenberger, 2013). The table shows the pre- and post-survey average results and the percent of change. The results indicated that there was growth in all areas and that on average students moved from undecided to agree on each question. This shows that the student’s perceived a gain in their knowledge of understanding in each of the specified areas with the highest gains for question one, understanding what they need in order to be successful in middle school; question five, knowing their learning style and how that can help them with homework and classwork; question six, knowing what skills they need to develop and having a plan to improve them. Further, informal teacher observations indicated that students were more regularly writing down assignments to stay organized and were more regularly turning homework in on time. Based on the results, guidance lessons to support students’ academic success during the transition to middle school was an effective intervention because the students indicated growth in all

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