Essay On Nelson Rockefeller

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The Rockefeller family is an extremely wealthy American dynasty with German roots. The family members were heavily involved in the industrial, political, oil and banking businesses of America that allowed them to amass one of the world’s greatest fortunes. Primarily, the family history starts with the brothers John D Rockefeller Sr. and William Rockefeller who owned the standard oil company that controlled nearly all oil flow in the US until 1911 when it was broken into subsidiaries to end its monopoly. Nonetheless, the family continue to be involved in the oil industry and profit from it. The brothers are considered to be responsible for creating the majority of the groups wealth. They were so profitable that John D. Rockefeller Sr. became …show more content…

Due to Nelson Rockefeller’s extensive knowledge on Latin America and experience in the region, President Nixon sent him on a diplomatic tour of Latin America. The tour was aimed to observe the effect of the revolutions occurring across Latin American countries during the 1960’s and to assess the opinions and conditions towards the relationship between the US and Latin America and work towards promoting goodwill. However, Nelson was received by violence everywhere he travelled in Latin America causing conflicts between the people and the Latin American states. “demonstrations targeted Rockefeller as an agent of an imperialist United States, and in some cases were accompanied by bombings. In Argentina, fourteen of seventeen Rockefeller-owned supermarkets were bombed in a coordinated attack”. Despite this, Nelson Rockefeller continued his trips and before he arrived to Venezuela students’ protests became so violent they led to military shootings and numerous deaths. The Venezuelan leader Caldera managed to dissuade Nelson from coming to Venezuela in fear of violent demonstrations. However, the Venezuelan people viewed the decision as being initiated by the United States and it spurred more anti-American feelings. Therefore, Nelson Rockefeller’s travels to Latin America spurred violence between the people and the leaders of Latin America creating more instability and fostering anti-American

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