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Security for Non-Technical Managers

Information security is one of the weakest links on the information system management. Thus, non-technical managers lack knowledge on the subject. This increases the risk of threats by driving them to comply with the organization security policy. To protect, the organization information security assets, non- technical managers should be exposed to the three main areas of accountability such as Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). By doing so, it helps to create a pro-active environment to preserve the confidentiality of the information, maintain its integrity, and also ensure its availability. Since the value of information is so high, companies are thriving all the time to develop …show more content…

To prevent employees from doing that, they should not be allowed the login on any social media using company equipment on company time. By establishing and enforcing such as policies, the company can reach their main goal of keeping Information secure.

Next, preserving Integrity of information refers to protecting information from being modified by unauthorized parties. For example, in today’s world news, it is very difficult to assess the integrity of the information from each group that has its own version and interpretation of their data. So, if the information is correct then the value of it will be considered high. On the other hand, the value will be nothing and worse of that, it could affect the credibility and the loss of your business. A generic definition of risk is: “a probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities of an asset and thereby cause harm to the organization”. Therefore, it is almost impossible to quantify the damage of security breaches can cause to any businesses if management neglects the execution of security policies. In addition, there are many techniques to preserve the integrity of the business data among the public key encryption, symmetric encryption, digital signature etc. For example, many organizations use the digital signature format, which certifies and timestamps a document. If the document has been modified, the signature

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