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Ohio state university is an amazing university to attend, the university guides their students toward success and a bright future. The national average for full-time students at 4-year degree-granting institutions was 59 percent. (“ Key Statistics”). College Raptor Blog, 15 Dec. 2017,). It’s important to pick the correct college for you so have an enjoyable time and get through your 4 years smoothly. Ohio State University proves to be the best choice for future enrollment when compared University of Toledo based on Admissions , Academics , and Non-academics.
The University of Toledo (UT) has many highlights to its programs, we’ve highlighted some of the important detailed to this University. The tuition …show more content…

Scholarships are available to a range of students and different test scores and GPA’s. The scholarships can range from $1,000 to 6,000. $6,000 is for the GPA of 3.8 or higher, ACT scores from about 29-35, and SAT scores from 1420-1560+ (“Undergraduate Admission”).This is a reason why students may work harder to be able to reach the level of excellence to receive a scholarship. Which may be the make it or break it into to college, many families may not be able to afford to send the family member to college without a scholarship and assistance with tuition.

Getting into the college is one thing, but keeping your grades up/passing is another. At the University of Toledo there are many options to get help with schoolwork, a learning enhancement center, a writing center, trio student support services, and for athletes the have student-athlete academic services. (“Student Success”). With the many changes that come with college, things may be confusing and overwhelming especially figuring everything out and balancing classes. To help students with comprehending the new information regarding school work, they have set aside people and time for students to come for help academically.
For the students who need more academic support/assistance, The median class size is about 24 students, The classes have 50 or less students, which leaves many opportunities for students and professors to have one on one time. (“Key Stats”).
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