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India is a land of diversity. We have diversity in every phase whether it’s culture, climate or language. The natural beauty of India is exquisite due to the beautiful plants and trees found here. The plants in India are famous for their admiring beauty. Apart from that, many of the plants found here in India have a religious importance. Their religious value is what makes them special and different from the plants found in other countries. The common Indian garden plants bloom during spring and are lovers of the warm weather. Most of them are flowering plants.

Below is the list of the top 10 plants in India.

Basil or commonly called as tulsi is one of the most famous plants in India. It is possible to find it in every other house because of it’s religious significance. The tulsi plant is considered holy by many. Basil is used for
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It has high religious importance and is offered to Gods and Goddesses. Many a times, it is used as a decorative item. Marigold needs plenty of bright sunshine. It has many medical uses. Marigold generally blooms from July to September. It is planted as a sapling and makes the garden shine bright with it’s beautiful yellow and orange flowers.

Money plant is of the kind which is very easy to care for and doesn’t need any pampering. They have a great foliage and are lively climbers. Lots of water is needed by the money plant and it is best used as a household plant. Money plants have gleaming leaves which are green in colour and have a few yellow spots on the surface.

Hibiscus plants are easily recognizable with their flowers in a trumpet like shape and alluring look. They are one of the most famous plants of India and are widely available. They have a religious significance which makes them even more famous. Hibiscus saplings are readily available and are quite easy to grow. Lots of water and sunshine is needed for their

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