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Day 3 Daily Objective and Summary: I can explore the different cultures within our own city. Teachers will need: PPT Students will need: Widow Teacher Students Notes Lesson Block Format: Individual Work Time: 10 min. The teacher will walk around the classroom providing help and asking probing questions to get students thinking. Warm-up Activity: Students will respond to the following prompt: List one thing you can learn about a culture from visiting each of the following places Restaurant Shopping Mall Museum Park Beach Monuments Someone’s Home Center of Government Movies Country side Cities University Encourage students to be creative here and think outside of the box. For example, at the park they can learn what types…show more content…
that have their own cultural identity. Have students share their answers with a partner. Call on a few students to share their answers. While students are talking, pass out the Task Overview and Rubric. The teacher will assign groups for the project. S/he will explain that for this project we are going to turn our gaze inward and create a tourism advertisement for Spanish-speaking tourists who wish to visit the “real” D.C.. Students will read the quotation and share their opinions about neighborhoods in D.C. that have their own “cultural scene.” Students will read the Task Overview and Rubric. Students will ask any questions regarding the project. For this activity the teacher can decide to distribute the “What does Culture look like?” worksheet or simply use the slides on the ppt. Lesson Block Format: Whole Class / Group Work Time: 10 min. The teacher will assign groups for the project. S/he will ask students to begin brainstorming ideas for the video. In groups, students will begin thinking of ideas and locations for their video. Day 4 Daily Objective and Summary: I can collaborate on the creation of a script for my tourism video. Teacher will need: Computer and Laptop Students will need: Mobile phones or Ipads with a QR Code Scanner and access to YouTube Teacher Students Notes 5
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