Essay On Processed Sugar

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Although processed sugar can be bad for your health, natural pure sugar could help you improve your well being. The right kind of sugar is essential to your body, that kind of sugar is the non processed kind. Throughout the years America has started to blame sugar for obesity, heart disease, etc. To an extent we can blame sugar. When someone eats too much or eats the processed chemical filled sugar it could have a negative impact on that person's health. For example: “[..] Chemical makeup enters the bloodstream more quickly than plain sugar.” (Richards). Processed sugar enters into the body and bloodstream much faster than natural sugar does. Which causes too much sugar build up in our bloodstream makes the insulin work harder to process it all out. Until the insulin does its job the sugar just floats around in the blood. We as people can blame sugar for all of our issues when a person eats too much sugar. “I do not support unbelievable amount of GMO high fructose corn syrup” (Konie). That is when heart disease and obesity come into play, when you personally consume too much. Our body could have negative consequences towards sugar if you consume too much. …show more content…

They are correct to an extent. Most Americans consume the processed chemical filled sugar, which does not help benefit our body for the better. If you eat the chemical filled sugar, it would be a good idea to cut that kind of sugar out. “Too much sugar does not just make us fat; it can also make us sick” (Richards). Chemical sugar has been found to affect your mental health. For example, when i eat too much of the chemical filled sugar such as candy bars or ice cream, it’ll give me energy for a little while, then i suddenly stop having that energy, and am tired and weak. When pure sugar doesn’t have a time limit of when you run out of energy. When I eat fruits or cane sugar i have energy all day, and helps my brain focus and think

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