Essay On Reflection Of My Life

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At birth, everyone is given a tool box. As one grows, learns, and experiences situations in life, tools are added. In my lifetime, as short as it may be, my toolbox has grown tremendously. For example, socialization by my parents gave me the tools to be kind and respectful, religious mores that have been instilled in me so I know what is right and wrong, and devices that my resourceful therapist has provided me with. All these devices and mechanisms are essential in who I am today, and how I perceive the world through the lens that only fits my eyes. Yet these past few months, my vision has been altered, and not in a negative way. A sociological imagination filter on that lens has led me to contemplate certain aspects of my life that have been influential in my life. Socioeconomic status, the modernization theory, education differences, ethnicity and white privilege, along with gender theories and gender socialization have all impacted the present day Marinah. When I was a toddler, my mother had no money after the divorce from my father, so our socioeconomic status was very low on the status ladder. We had to jump around from family member to family member’s house until my mother could afford an apartment of her own for us and my older sister. Growing up with no money for my sister and I meant no swimming lessons. It meant Lunchables and Hamburger Helper for dinner. The dentist was such a luxury that braces were not even a possibility. Not having straight, white teeth like
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