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Business Conduct in Costa Rica Costa Rica is located right above South America bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, the Caribbean Sea, and the South Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica was once a calm place to retire, but once more and more people started retiring with less money, they realized that living in Costa Rica cost less overall. Therefore, with such an increase in foreign business, the business life of Costa Rica also changed. Make sure setting up a business in Costa Rica is a good choice. The level of setting up a business can be very difficult. Doing business in Costa Rica can be challenging, hard, exhausting, legislative, and multilingual. Since there are at least five living local indigenous languages spoken by the natives, owning a …show more content…

Costa Ricans don’t like to say much, and they are not specific in what they say. Business attire for Costa Rica are conservative. A dress from women and a light weight suit for men. Costa Ricans are more prompt than most Central Americans. Costa Ricans are not rushed for time. Costa Ricans give gets all different types of special exchanges. Workers in Costa Rica are judged not by performance but how well they follow the rules. When acting impatience makes one look less credible. Costa Ricans like to be laid back, not rushed, and tend to go with the flow. Gestures Costa Ricans take several bathes a day, and as a guest they expect you to do the same. If they see someone who doesn’t bath they see that person as dirty. When someone is fidgeting with their hands or feet they see that as impolite. Making eye contact with someone shows that they are being truthful. There is not much persona space because most people like to sit right next to each other. Most crowded places are due to people traveling in large groups. When having a business meeting they don’t like when someone is straight to the point it is considered to be rude. Business language Costa Rican business takes personal relationship seriously. Making regular visits keeps the personal relationship on positive terms. All Costa Ricans are more reserved, but are still friendly and welcoming. A firm handshake and an exchange of

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