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The general purpose of Sara McInerney’s speech was to encourage CCIM Dean’s list recipients and their guests. To encourage others to “knock on another door, when a door is closed.” The Sara gave a history of her journey at Ball State. She began with her freshman, Junior, and Senior year then she worked her way through to her first internship and then her first job.

She had it projected onto the screen “When one door closes, you knock on the next.” Ms. McInerney, gave examples of how this process works. She makes reference to the quote “When a door is shut another one opens.” Sara stated that nothing comes to a person who just waits for a door to open. She does not take complete credit for her decisions, she credits her mom, professors, …show more content…

She addressed the needs of her audience the Dean’s list students. Since she had a common degree with them, but she also captured the student’s guests. She was very selective with using the PowerPoint which made it very effective. For action, she projected her contact information for anyone to contact her. Sara sincerely offered to help the students. The transition was fluid. The highlights were relatable. Advice from her mom, constructive criticism from her professors, her adventure gained by following her central idea “When one door closes, you knock on the next.” The whole speech went together like the perfect jigsaw puzzle – when you start finding piece after piece and you finish the puzzle with such pride. This was a very effective speech, for which she received a standing ovation.

The main points of Sara’s speech were failure is beautiful, take initiative, be persistence and receive achievement. She starts out with a failure as a freshman not receiving the job she applied for. The she took initiative to seek out the reasons she did not get it, and to her surprise she was offered the position. For her internship, she worked hard, did her best to at the job at hand even though there where guarantees to have a full-time position at the end of it. She chose with her heart and not for the money she would make. She struggled with the decision and she chose her passion

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