Essay On School Dress Code

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Dress code has been a crucial part of public schooling for years. It seems to be growing more strict every year, as it should, with the ever changing clothing trends. How far is too far though? Is it necessary to be so focused on what students wear to school, sometimes more so than their education? Dress code in some aspects is too strict and only promotes negative feelings and judgemental peers. In schools and communities it is an extremely debated topic because there is a broad spectrum of solutions. It is also hard to enforce because rules that may apply to some may not apply to others due to differences in body type and opinions. Students who should be concerned on their education are concerned with how they look to their teachers and peers. This causes stress and makes the possibility of bullying much greater. According to the Grand Rapids Press Editorial Board, “By trying to remove sexuality from school outfits, schools have only succeeded in making it all about sex.” Students are now more so than ever concerned with their appearance because of the increasing strictness of dress code. Dress code is particularly directed at females. Hardly is it heard of that a boy must be pulled out of class and…show more content…
In the article School Dress Codes Have a Serious Sexism Problem it says “Educational energy could be much better spent teaching our children to respect themselves and each other.” Which is exactly what should be happening in schools. If schools took a small amount of time early on in a child's education to teach them to respect their peers dress code issues would vanish. Instead the school system disrupts one child's education because she/ he was supposedly disrupting another child's education with their clothing. Thus making it seem like one child's education is valued over
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