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Senior Administration Officer – Development Assessment [Maternity Leave]
Selection Criteria
· Two (2) years relevant work experience including customer service, record keeping and word processing.
I have many years’ experience in providing excellence in customer service, record keeping and word processing.
The last ten years, I have been working for the Greater Hume Shire Council as a Customer Service Officer/GAC Officer/Engineering Administrative Support Officer. My duties include providing excellence in Customer Service as the Face of the Council. I am friendly and professional to all clients and always assist with their enquiries.
I am experienced in record keeping, and I use several different systems to keep council records, …show more content…

I am an experienced user of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel. I develop reports for Roads and Maritimes Services using Microsoft Word and I have completed an Advanced Microsoft Word course. While working for Thiess-John Holland, I created and maintained a master register in Excel detailing revision history of all documents, including the current version.
I use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis to communicate with internal and external stakeholders abiding by email etiquette.
· Knowledge of networking, email and scanning.
I understand computer networking, which is for sharing resources with teams either locally or nationally. I am competent in the use of email and scanning documents. I scan documents and plans in sizes A4 up to A1 and upload to the work system.
· Specialist knowledge and skills in Environmental Assessment and Local Government Legislation.
I have a good knowledge of a broad range of policies and legislation regarding Local Government Legislation. This includes building regulations, zoning, rates and permits.
I also update and proofread management plans, including Pollution Incidence Response Management Plans and assist with Road Maintenance Council Contracts.
· Cadastral knowledge and experience with electronic corporate systems.
I have experience in preparing 149 Certificates which contain

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