Essay On Silver Nanotechnology

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Silver is known to be very efficient material since ancient times for its microbicidal properties to treat diseases, such as, ulcer, chronic wounds, sepsis, acute epididymitis, tonsillitis, and infections and to prevent the eye diseases in infants.1,2 But with the passage of time use of Ag is reduced due to development of new antibiotics.3 However, an introduction of nanotechnology, nanoparticles during the last decade have proved that this element can be used in almost every field of application due to their tremendous behavior with reduction in size (high surface to volume ratio). Silver nanoparticles have started to be used in various applications, such as, antimicrobial coatings, house hold appliances, water purifiers, cosmetics, …show more content…

Silver nanoparticles show stronger antioxidant activity than synthetic commercial standards. A lot of efforts have been made by researchers to synthesis Ag nanoparticles by various methods, such as, chemical reduction,9 gamma ray radiation,10 electrochemical method,11 laser ablation,12 microwave13 and photochemical reduction.14 In recent years, the necessity of environmental safety leads to the rising interest in biological approaches. Interestingly, green synthesis has proven many advantages to synthesis AgNPs over any other approaches due to low cost, non-toxicity, repeatability, bulk production, environmental friendly, less time consuming, ease of synthesis, avoiding capping agents used in chemical synthesis etc.15 Number of biological method to synthesized metal nanoparticles are available in literature, such as, using microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and plants.16,17 But this process involves the tedious procedure of maintaining microbial cultures. The plant extracts give a good choice for synthesis of metal nanoparticles as they are widely dispense, easily accessible and much safer to handle, nontoxic and provides a natural capping agents. Plant extracts is also of great interest for its use in antioxidant activity as plants contain a wide variety of free radicals scavenging molecules including phenols, flavonoids, vitamins, terpenoids are rich in antioxidant activity.18 Plant extracts act reducing as well as stabilizing

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