Essay On Stress And Stress

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Throughout the year of 2017, I had personal experience with stress and depression. Senior year of high school was rough for me. There were often times that I thought that I was not going to be alright overall. After a relationship break up in January, I became a bit depressed. Being depressed made me have less motivation when it came to school which made me slack. In result of slacking, I crammed my school work and became more stressed. I was a bit stressed already due to my last semester of high school taking a toll on me. I was taking five classes, in which, I was at school for a whole eight hours. The school I went to, seniors usually have four classes. I took a fifth class for my own interest and benefit. The class was basically an internship where we studied marine mammals and their vocalizations in the arctic. I studied the presence and absence of the bowhead whale, which took a lot of my time. While being depressed, I didn’t do much as I usually do. Typically, I am always out and about, but I would stay in my room a lot. I also had problems when it came to eating, in which, I did not eat as much as I should have. So, does stress cause depression? Stress is considered normal, but having too much stress can be harmful (Hall-Flavin, 2017). There are many causes to someone having stress. There is also chronic stress; is when someone has little to no control over what they are stressed about. Stressors are something that causes stress and stressors can be a substance,

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