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“Jeffrey! Get over here now!” Screaming seemed relatively new to Brianna Stafford. In middle school, the introvert would never really talk to anyone, no matter the topic. However, in high school, she blossomed and began volunteering at events in her academic and neighborhood community. She loved math, and had aspirations for a career as a controller, accountant, bank teller, cashier, or just about any job in finance. This past fall, she decided to run for the student body treasurer to achieve that goal. In the teacher’s lounge a staff member designated for election preparation, she spent Friday afternoon adding the finishing touches to her campaign posters on Photoshop on a Mac computer. While taking a break from the stressful work, she …show more content…

“I’m not taking her side!” Jeffrey screamed. “Don’t you yell at me! I’m not the one who stole from the school and was never investigated because it would ruin my reputation! There is so much proof that Kayla 1) stole from the principal, 2) lied about it, and 3) asked her parents to cover up for her! You think that won’t look bad for her?” “Look, I’m just saying-” “You need to calm down,” Brianna demanded. “Now.” “You know what?” Jeffrey raised his hands. “I don’t need this.” He grabbed his notebook, put on his jacket, and stormed out of the lounge as he yelled, “I quit!” “Fine!” Brianna answered. She tried her best not to slam the door as her anger reached boiling point. She sat at the foot of the door and began sobbing. She thought about how hard it would be to run for treasurer without backup and even considered dropping out of the race altogether. After all, for three weeks, Jeffrey had assisted her through the entire process. What would she do without him? But then she remembered when she was 12 years old and ran a kids’ marathon in Golden Gate Park. She twisted her ankle and thought about quitting the race. But thank goodness she had her mom as her partner. Her mom told her, “Don’t give up! I didn’t give up when your father went to prison.” Brianna’s father, who was never really around in

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