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CLOUD COMPUTING BASED SUPPLY CHAIN ABSTRACT Cloud computing can give the ability of flexibly outsourcing software for supply chain management collaboration and its infrastructure. This advance is affecting the daily lives of consumers similarly to other technical breakthroughs such as the printing press, engines and personal computing. Further forward in space of the usual technology publicity, the worth of cloud computing is that it can be a right technology for supporting and managing a constantly changing and dynamic network and thus its best suitable for supply chain management. Supply chain management react on divergent and consolidated information flows, operational processes and interaction processes with a various number of …show more content…

Computing in the cloud makes it possible to closely pursue a product location and situation throughout its lifecycle. Cloud-based supply management can also remarkably cut down on lost product as it can locate a shipment during any stage of transit and it enables you to make quick decisions and communicate effectively if you have to reroute a misdirected shipment into a correct direction. Traditional supply chain management systems are much more transactional, and can’t offer the real-time accuracy. Benefits of Cloud Based Management 1. Scalability 2. Immediacy 3. Efficiency & Accessibility 4. Onboarding and 5. Flexibility LITERATURE REVIEW Adoption of cloud computing technologies in supply chains: An organizational information processing theory approach, Casey G. Cegielski, L. Allison Jones‐Farmer, Yun Wu, Benjamin T. Hazen In this paper, they examine the extent to which task unpredictability, environmental uncertainty, and inter‐organizational fickleness affect intention to adopt cloud computing technology and how information processing capability may abate these relationships. The quantitative analysis recommends that significant dual interactions exist between each independent and moderating variable. Each of these interactions is mainly related to intention to adopt cloud computing. The qualitative results bear the assertion that information processing

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