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The Taxation Issue

One of the greatest challenges that Republican President Donald Trump is facing today is that of fulfilling his promise to the affluent Americans that he would lower the taxes that are being levied on them. Many economists have voiced their opinion on how such a move might widen the current gap between the wealthy and low-class Americans, a matter that is apparently not convincing President Trump. House Republicans returned to business last week after their August recess, a top agenda for them in the subsequent sessions will be drafting a ‘major tax-cut bill for Congress to pass’ (Editorial par. 1). It is not clear how the debates on this proposed legislation will turn out, but I am hopeful that whatever happened on the …show more content…

The authors of the articles reviewed are using a plain and straightforward language to address the American audience and the whole world. It’s aim being to consider the mess that the Trump administration is, and likely to cause if it introduces a new law that will reduce taxes levied on the wealthy. Leonhardt, for instance, agrees with Adolph Wagner’s proposition that taxes should rise when societies become wealthier. Many individuals desire that their schools, hospitals, and military become better as their levels of life rise. If this is to happen, they have to part with a larger portion of their money in the form of taxes. But if they are unwilling to do this then they should not expect anything more from their governments. Unfortunately, this is the sad state of affairs that Trump’s administration is reluctant to accept.

Unlike the editorial that is relatively direct with its proposals on what the Trump government should do to raise revenue levels without necessarily having to lower the taxes on the rich, Leonhardt’s opinion is critical of the Republicans’ move, terming it as a ‘nice fantasy.’ The NYT editorial calls the reforms Mr. Trump is suggesting a ‘false promise’ and instead advocates for changes in the corporate taxes. It terms such a move as a ‘sensible path’ that

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